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Global Payroll Solution for Remote Teams.

Hiring remote teams shouldn’t be difficult. That’s why Remofirst is the best platform to manage your international HR and help you hire remote employees.

Global Employer of Record (EoR)

Let Remofirst hire your full-time employees on your behalf in 180+ countries. No need to spend months and tens of thousands of dollars setting-up a local entity if you have Remofirst.

International Contractors

Pay, manage and onboard contractors using locally compliant contracts. Avoid any misclassification risks, pass any audits and manage your international workforce in one single place.

Fast Onboarding

Same day onboarding for your international employees with 24/7 customer service.

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What our customers are saying

"The customer support at Remofirst has been amazing — I love that our team has a dedicated account manager to help us with any things that come up for our remote team members, such as issuing work permits. I was looking for a simplified EOR service where I didn’t have to be so involved and could just pass our remote candidates along to be onboarded. Remofirst has made this experience very easy and personalized for us, and I am happy to be working with them to employ our team members in other countries."
Janice Kay Mamo - Human Resources Manager @ Weavr
"Remofirst allows us to compliantly hire and manage employees in countries where we don't have an entity, in a cost-effective manner. This is helping Creatio scale its team worldwide and save time and costs while doing so! They had the best pricing of all the EORs we talked to, and the process of getting started was smooth even though we had a lot of questions. Their team is very kind and attentive in their support, and the platform has been easy to navigate. We just finished our onboarding and are excited to be working with Remofirst!"
Olivia H - Global HR Manager @ Creatio
"We had a candidate that we really wanted to hire, but she is in a different country, so we needed to use an EOR to make that happen safely and legally for both parties. Remofirst handled the contract and onboarding, and will now handle the payroll, making sure everything meets legal requirements. While their pricing is competitive, the real advantage of using Remofirst is their customer service and transparency. We were completely new to the world of EOR, and we had a specific person we wanted to hire, in a pretty short timeframe...but they happened to be in another country. Our Account Executive was helpful, responsive, and patient with our many questions, and offered us competitive pricing. Then the Customer Service Team got us all set up and ready to go with a quick turnaround."
Kelly R - Math Made Visible
"Remofirst has helped us expand our team globally while managing the complicated tasks like termination processes in different countries. Their customer support is available at any time of day and always remind us when our contracts need to be updated. I can’t imagine what my life would be like without Remofirst."
Anna Tylechkina - Talent Acquisition Specialist @ Makini
"Remofirst allows me to be employed remotely and be compliant in the country where I live. It is also super helpful when submitting and managing expenses. Altogether, it is an excellent addition to the main HR platform I use with its admin capabilities.I like how simple and intuitive the platform is. The navigation is clear, and the functionality is more than adequate, though. Getting things done on the platform is straightforward."
Martin P - Head of Marketing @ BetVictor
"Remofirst’s pricing stood out to me among competitors, along with their 24-hour support, which is important when you’re hiring people around the world. Their platform has been easy to use and our onboardings have been smooth. I would definitely recommend using Remofirst as your EOR for any global hires."
Kaniyet Rayev - Co-founder and CEO @ Appboxo

Simplified Global HR and Payroll.
Let’s work on it together.

We've made the process really simple
with only 3 steps.


Remote candidate

You've sourced a full-time employee or contractor located in a country where your company is not incorporated.


Cost Calculation

Pass us the details of your candidate and we will let you know exactly what it costs to employ your candidate in that country.


Onboarding & Admin

Sit back and relax as we onboard your new team member and take care of all the local compliances and admin work.

Global HR platform

When you use Remofirst, your team’s hours, time off, holidays, bonuses, and commissions are automatically calculated into payroll. Compliance documentation is securely accessible via your dashboard and management of international
HR becomes easy.


International benefits

Set up payroll and benefits all at once. Premium Health insurance (medical, dental, and vision), Equipment (laptops, monitors, chairs) and Financial benefits (international pension plans and 401(k) retirement) are all easy to supply and manage.


Bulletproof Compliance

Avoid expensive compliance mistakes and protect your IP. Set up everything right from the start to avoid risk, fines and prevent lawsuits down the line. Our team of legal experts and HR professionals will help you stay compliant and get ahead of changing regulations globally.


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