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Employer of record
Starts at
per person / month
Hire with one click in 150+ countries
Streamline Payroll, tax filings, pensions, and more
Compliant and localized contract creation
Onboarding & termination HR guidance
On demand expertise on local rules and regulations
24/7 support
Access to benefits and health insurance
International payment with one click
IP protection
per person/month
Onboard new contractors in seconds
Automate payment processing across 150 countries and a wide range of currencies
Upload and store your contracts
One click invoice creation

Additional services

Health Insurance

Provide premium health insurance (medical, dental, and vision) to your global employees.

Equipment Provisioning

Provide equipment for new international hires. We will send laptops, monitors, etc, to your international team on your behalf.

Equity, Bonuses, and More

We'll handle time off requests, yearly bonuses, financial benefits, and more based on your employee's local laws.