EOR & Payroll Frequently Asked Questions

How does Remofirst employ talent?

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It can be prohibitively expensive to establish an entity in every country you want to hire talent in, so Remofirst will legally hire and pay your employees on your behalf in 180+ countries, while you just focus on their day-to-day duties. Remofirst will handle all formal HR procedures and employment contracts that adhere to local laws, so that you can simply approve invoices via our platform. When you work with an Employer of Record (EOR) you can compliantly work with the best employees around the world.

What is your payroll frequency?

Employees are paid on a monthly/semi-monthly basis
We invoice you around the 15th of each month to make sure that employees are paid on time.

How does the pricing work?

Our monthly fee is a separate cost for our services. All other payroll costs are paid by you (the company looking to employ talent in another country). We always provide a full breakdown of every invoice to make them as transparent as possible -- employee payroll, employee benefits, Remofirst fee.

How do you handle payments?

We invoice in US Dollars (USD), Euros (EUR), British Pounds (GBP), Canadian Dollars (CAD), and Singapore Dollars (SGD), but employees are paid in their own local currency. We partner with various payment providers like Transferwise, Paypal, and more to get you the best rates while transfering money internationally.

Why are social taxes so high in some countries?

Some countries outside of the US have more employee-friendly policies and benefits that result in higher tax rates and employer costs in those countries. That said, places like the US will often require employers to pay many private ancillary benefits like medical insurance, 401k contributions, etc.

How are you different from other EOR companies?

Remofirst is one of the most affordable and transparent EOR providers -- we do not charge any set up fees or termination fees, and have no fixed term contracts (you can't predict how long an employee will stay with you, so you shoulndn't have to pay for a contract when you might not be using the service). Remofirst allows for customization of contracts (not one size fits all), and offers dedicated account management resources for every customer, regardless of company size or number of employees per contract.

Do you provide Visa help?

We do provide visa support in many locations. If you have a specific visa requirement, you can speak to our team to find out the requirements and timeline for processing.