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Where Do You Find the Best Coffee in Spain? A Coffee Lover’s Guide

July 12, 2023

Around two billion cups of coffee are consumed daily all over the world.

Whether it's the comforting warmth of a morning cup or the energizing jolt of an afternoon pick-me-up, this beloved beverage has woven itself into the fabric of our work culture.

But in Spain, a country known for its gastronomic delights, the pursuit of the perfect cup of coffee takes on a whole new meaning. From the bustling streets of Madrid to the sun-kissed shores of Barcelona, Spain offers a captivating journey through its myriad of coffee shops and cafés, each with its own unique charm and character.

If you're a remote worker or a digital nomad seeking to blend work with travel, and you're on the hunt for the finest coffee shops in Spain, look no further. Below, we explore Spain’s coffee culture and the 19 places where you can find the best coffee in Spain.

The Best Coffee in Madrid

The vibrant energy of Spain’s capital isn’t one to miss, especially when it comes to its thriving coffee scene. Madrid has evolved into a paradise for coffee aficionados and a mecca for specialty cafés. Here’s a list of some top coffee shop recommendations for the next time you’re ready to embark on a caffeine-fueled adventure in Madrid. 

Toma Café

Toma Café is where minimalist decor and a hipster ambiance transport you to the trendy coffee spots of Portland or Brooklyn. The coffee shop not only serves up a superb cold brew, tailor-made for those hot Spanish summer afternoons, but also goes above and beyond to immerse you in the art of coffee.

Besides the excellent coffee with distinctive flavors, Toma Café offers courses and workshops that allow you to dive deeper into the art of coffee brewing. The café can even deliver their specialty coffee beans right to your door by bicycle.


  •  Calle la Palma, 49, Madrid
  • Calle Santa Feliciana, 5, Madrid
  • Calle Raimundo Lulio, 16, Madrid 

Hola Coffee & Misión Café

Passion, craftsmanship, and exceptional coffee converge at Hola Coffee and Misión Café. At these coffee shops, you’ll experience the expertise of two remarkable individuals who have made their mark in the coffee industry: Spain's Barista Champion, Pablo Caballero, and Runner-Up Roasting Champion, Nolo Botana

Both Hola Coffee and Misión Café are dedicated to roasting their own coffee, ensuring that every sip reflects an unwavering commitment to quality and excellence. Nestled in the heart of Madrid, the two establishments serve as havens for coffee enthusiasts seeking exceptional coffee flavors and memorable experiences.


  •  Hola Coffee: Calle Doctor Fourquet, 33, Madrid
  • Misión Café: Calle de los Reyes, 5, Madrid


Located within the trendy Lavapiés neighborhood, Cafelito offers an inviting and relaxing ambiance where you can savor some of Madrid’s finest coffee. The coffee is freshly ground and expertly blended with an array of spices, making each cup a perfect accompaniment to their delicious breakfast items. That said, Cafelito is more than just a café; it embraces its role as a cultural hub, hosting various cultural events that enrich the overall Spanish experience.

Address: Calle del Sombrerete, 20, Madrid

La Bicicleta

A favorite among Madrid’s young and trendy crowd, this always-bustling artsy hotspot has something for everyone. La Bicicleta offers an assortment of homemade organic treats, including artisanal specialty coffee and plenty of vegan options.

Their flagship café is located in a charming plaza just a stone’s throw away from Gran Vía, but they’ve since expanded to another location in Madrid. Each coffee shop serves as a perfect sanctuary for rejuvenation and productivity, allowing visitors to recharge while also accomplishing their tasks. With its impeccable offerings and bustling atmosphere, La Bicicleta has truly earned its reputation as one of Madrid's premier coffee establishments.


  • Plaza de San Ildefonso, 9, Madrid
  • Calle de Galileo, 39, Madrid

Acid Bakehouse

No visit to Madrid is complete without experiencing the enchantment of Acid Bakehouse. Prepare to be captivated by the combination of their meticulously brewed coffee and delectable, in-house pastries, all masterfully handcrafted in the renowned ACID Bakehouse. 

Delighting your senses further, this coffee shop exclusively sources its coffee beans from the esteemed La Cabra, a renowned roastery around the EU.

Address: Calle Magdalena, 27, Madrid


Cofi Café is a fantastic destination that seamlessly combines the charm of a café with the uniqueness of a concept store. Not only does it serve exceptional specialty coffee, but it also boasts a delightful selection of vegan and vegetarian options. 

Moreover, Cofi Café takes pride in its ability to create an engaging atmosphere by hosting a variety of events including brunches and music sessions.

Address: Calle del Acuerdo, 36, Madrid

Top Coffee Shops in Barcelona

Barcelona, the vibrant Mediterranean metropolis, is renowned for its boundless creativity, and its coffee scene is no exception. Whether you seek innovative coffee creations or a simple, classic cup, Barcelona has a wide range of options to satisfy all preferences. 

Furthermore, the baristas have garnered a commendable reputation for their exceptional service and profound expertise. Cey Flores, a remote worker and multimedia designer, attests, “Beside the good cup of specialty coffees, the baristas I met here are accommodating, especially when you want to gain knowledge about their craft and the coffee industry. This is what I appreciated the most about cafés in Barcelona.”

Here are some of the top coffee spots you just have to try:

Nomad Coffee Lab & Shop

Dubbed “a place of coffee worship,” Nomad Coffee Lab treats coffee as a true art form. Each cup of coffee cup is meticulously crafted to perfection using expert techniques. It’s no wonder that this café has some of the best coffee in Spain and consistently ranks among the top choices for coffee lovers. 

Situated in a central location near the main attractions in Barcelona, Nomad Coffee Lab has become a go-to destination for coffee enthusiasts from around the world seeking specialty coffee experiences that change seasonally. For instance, many people rave about their refreshing iced v60, during the summer months. However, due to limited seating, most of the café’s offerings are for takeaway, plus the café only serves drinks.

Besides the remarkably diverse customer base and extensive selection of globally sourced coffee beans, which are a delight for connoisseurs, this café also allows you to participate in tastings and courses, so you can become a skilled barista even in the comfort of your own home. 

Address: Passatge Sert, 12, Barcelona

Nomad Frutas Selectas

If you love the Nomad Lab but find it a bit too crowded, the Nomad Frutas Selectas is the perfect alternative. This coffee shop is less busy and more relaxed, making it an ideal spot for work or study sessions. If you want to learn more about coffee and do classes with Nomad, you can also find them here.

In addition to the coffee expertise, the café provides a delectable food menu, plus they occasionally host events that further enhance the overall experience. One standout feature is their unique concept of selling fresh produce every Wednesday morning. Nomad Frutas Selectas also plays host to a variety of engaging events such as pizza nights and design gatherings, creating a vibrant atmosphere that complements the dynamic neighborhood of Poblenou.

Address: Calle de Pujades, 95, Barcelona

Three Marks Coffee

As a go-to destination for coffee enthusiasts, Three Marks Coffee has cemented its place among the city's finest, ranking high among the top searches alongside renowned roasters like Nomad. Their commitment to delivering a remarkable coffee experience is evident in every cup they serve — the café blends innovation, skillful brewing techniques, and a passion for coffee to create offerings that are crafted to perfection.

Whether you're a connoisseur seeking a nuanced flavor profile or a casual coffee lover looking for an outstanding brew, Three Marks Coffee is sure to satisfy your cravings.

Address: Ausiàs Marc 151, Barcelona

The Miners

Introducing one of the newest roasters in town: The Miners. This coffee shop offers more than just delectable pastries and a wide selection of high-quality coffee. What sets them apart is their unique coffee cupping experience, starting at an affordable price of 5 euros — a great opportunity for coffee enthusiasts.

Their commitment to excellence shines through their exclusive use of specialty coffee, often sourced directly from the farmers. With meticulous research and hard work, they ensure that their customers can savor truly exceptional coffee. The Miners team also prides itself on its friendly and knowledgeable baristas who are always ready to assist with any coffee inquiries.

While the café may not be as widely recognized in Barcelona just yet, its origins in Prague bring a unique touch to its craft. Furthermore, The Miners coffee shop actively participates in coffee events, further showcasing their dedication to the coffee community.

One thing to note about this establishment is that it offers a cozy and welcoming environment where you can sit and chat with friends, making it an inviting space to enjoy their coffee creations.

Address: Rambla del Poblenou 107, Barcelona

Koffee Barcelona

Step into the warm and cozy Koffee Barcelona, where the comforting aroma of freshly brewed coffee fills the air, inviting you to unwind and savor every moment. This charming establishment takes pride in its in-house coffee roaster and grinder, ensuring that every cup is brimming with unrivaled freshness, rich aromas, and flavor.

But it doesn't stop at just coffee. Koffee Barcelona also provides a selection of delectable cakes, making it an ideal spot for a sweet breakfast or an afternoon treat. Each cake is thoughtfully prepared to complement the coffee experience, elevating your visit to a whole new level of satisfaction.

Address: Baixada de la Llibreteria, 1

Morrow Coffee

Morrow Coffee is quickly making its mark in Barcelona's café scene, captivating coffee enthusiasts with its innovative approach. Despite being a relative newcomer, this coffee shop has garnered well-deserved recognition for its imaginative coffee creations, including the intriguing coffee and tonic blend, among other inventive delights.

In addition to the great coffee, Morrow Coffee offers a captivating space where the magic unfolds. You’ll find yourself immersed in an extraordinary sensory journey as you witness the meticulous coffee preparation process firsthand. From the mesmerizing sight of beans being expertly roasted to the moment the rich liquid cascades into your awaiting cup, every step is an art form in itself.

Address: Avenida Gran Vía de les Corts Catalanes, 403


With a legacy spanning over seven years, the team at SlowMov has dedicated themselves to the art of sourcing and roasting the finest beans from around the globe.

The coffee shop exclusively works with specialty coffees, meticulously selecting single-origin, 100% Arabica beans. These beans come from distinct microclimates and regions, where cultivation requires the utmost care and precision. Each bean undergoes sensitive production techniques and procedures to unlock its true potential and showcase its unique flavor profile.

As the seasons change, so does the coffee selection at SlowMov. The team takes pride in curating a rotating range of coffees, ensuring that you can always discover something new and exciting. From the bold flavors of one region to the delicate nuances of another, the coffees offered reflect the diverse characteristics that vary based on the time of the year.

Address: Calle de Luis Antúnez, 18, Barcelona

Orval Studio

Orval Studio is a unique establishment that fuses the elements of a café and a concept store. Inside this café, you can indulge in great coffee and mouthwatering pastries, peruse design magazines, and even find stylish merchandise.

With two floors at your disposal, Orval Studio caters to different needs. The first floor provides a conducive environment for work and study, while the second floor offers a cozy setting for engaging chit-chat and relaxed conversations. Whether you're seeking a tranquil space to focus or a place to socialize, Orval Studio has you covered.

Address: Carrer de Buenaventura Muñoz, 31, Barcelona

Top Coffee Spots in Seville

Embracing Spain’s specialty coffee movement, Seville (that’s Sevilla in Spanish), the vibrant capital of Andalusia, is a great destination for coffee enthusiasts. Although the city may not boast as many specialty cafés as Madrid or Barcelona, its emphasis on quality surpasses any quantitative measure. The following are some of the cafés you should check out to discover some of the best coffee in Spain:

La Cacharreria

Located just a short stroll from the Las Setas monument, La Cacharreira adds a touch of contemporary flair to traditional Seville with its exposed brickwork and charming chalkboard menus that are reminiscent of fashionable neighborhoods like Shoreditch or Soho.

La Cacharreria offers a delightful array of beverages, ranging from a diverse selection of coffees to teas and refreshing juices. The café's food also stands out, particularly the carrot cake that has garnered well-deserved praise from patrons. The combination of La Cacharreria’s inviting ambiance, great coffee, delicious food, and popularity among locals and tourists alike makes it an attractive destination.

Address: Calle Regina, 14, Seville

Virgin Coffee

Virgin Coffee is the oldest specialty café in Seville. Despite its modest size, the coffee shop has mastered the art of crafting flawless cups of coffee using exclusively 100% Arabica beans.

What makes Virgin Coffee unique is the commitment to quality and excellent service. The friendly and professional staff ensure that each coffee is well prepared, taking the time to ensure every detail is just right — no shortcuts are taken when it comes to delivering a truly satisfying coffee experience.

Conveniently located near the iconic Las Setas, Virgin Coffee offers more than just outstanding coffee — it provides an opportunity to savor your beverage with a delightful view.

Address: Calle Regina, 1, Seville

Syra Coffee

With its signature takeaway concept, Syra Coffee has captured the hearts of coffee enthusiasts across the country, and more particularly in Seville. Syra Coffee stands as a testament to the fact that exceptional coffee doesn't require a sit-down experience.

Syra Coffee has perfected the craft of creating exquisite coffee that can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime. Special mention goes to their mean flat white, as well as their popular iced americanos. And of course, they have some pastries; everything from cakes to donuts and their famous gooey cookies. Additionally, the café has its own roastery in Gracia, so you can buy some of their freshly roasted beans to take home with you.

Address: Calle Jerónimo Hernández, 14-16, Seville


Unlike Syra Coffee, Purita offers a restaurant/café experience where you can sit and enjoy some brunch, specialty coffee, and picturesque surroundings. Many customers have described this spot as cute and cozy, and the detail in the décor enhances the overall experience.

 Address: Calle Jerónimo Hernández, 14-16, Seville

Want to try three different cafés in one go to see who makes the better coffee? Syra Coffee and Purita are next to each other and they are only 200m away from Virgin Coffee.

The Best Coffee in Spain, or Anywhere Else in the World

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