Product Updates - August 2023

August 2, 2023

At Remofirst we believe in constantly improving our product to make the experience better for our customers. Today, we are announcing several new features that you can now access on our platform.

#1 - Updates in Employee’s profile

a. Work permit required: Work permit information has been added to the employee’s profile. To check if a work permit is required, go to an Employee’s profile → Personal tab

b. New job detail fields: now managers will be able to see the following fields for employees:

#2 - Expenses

a. The Approved date field has been added for approved expenses

  • Now you can review when an expense has been approved, so there is more visibility within the approval process. Please note that this information will only be accessible for expenses with a status of AWAITING PAYMENT or PAID.

b. All expense requests should be approved by the 3rd working day of each month. Emails will be sent to remind clients if any expense requests require an action to be taken on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd of each month. These notifications are only sent if there are pending expenses on the 1st-3rd day of the month.

  • Example: On July 1st, there are 5 pending expense requests → Remofirst sends a reminder notification. If a manager approves all pending requests on July 2nd, Remofirst will no longer send any reminder notifications.

#3 - Time-off management

a. There are some minor updates regarding how to edit Leave days in employees' profiles.

  • For Full-time employees: Managers can edit Time-off values in this section only when the employee’s status is Onboarding.
  • Once an employee is done onboarding and set as Active, the time off value if finalized.

b. For Contractors (with a monthly fixed rate): Managers can always edit leave days for contractors.

#4 - Redesign of contractor app

The Remofirst contractor profile has been redesigned for an improved user experience, incorporating the latest industry trends and our clients’ valuable feedback.

Additionally, we changed the domain name of the app from to

1. Registration Flow

Previously, contractors were required to complete four steps to activate their accounts when logging in for the first time, including providing payment details.

In the new version, contractors will be required to complete only two steps to register on the platform. Additional information will be requested upon logging into the dashboard.

New Registration Flow

2. Overview

If contractors have not completed all of their onboarding steps, they will still have access to review and explore the platform's functionality, including expense management, time-off, invoices, and more.

Onboarding checklist view
Activated account view

3. Payments & Expenses

Contractors can now create and review their payment and expense requests in one section called "Payments & Expenses". This section features separate tabs that enable easy navigation between the different types of requests.

4. Invoices

The Invoices section has undergone a redesign that includes additional filters and sorting options for the table. The page's user interface has also been improved to enhance the overall user experience.

5. Time-off

The latest updates include the introduction of counters that display the number of paid leave days taken and available days left. We have also implemented filters and sorting options within the table so users can easily navigate and organize their data. These enhancements aim to provide a more comprehensive and efficient system for managing paid leave.

6. Agreements

In the Agreements section, we have implemented a function that allows users to view all signed documents in one place. This feature provides easy access to previously signed agreements, making it convenient to review and reference them when needed. Additionally, we have introduced sorting capabilities within the table, enabling users to arrange the agreements based on their preferences.

7. Personal Documents

In the updates, we have added the ability to create and edit personal documents.

8. Support

In the updates, we’ve moved the support section to the top right corner and renamed it as “Help Center”. This will redirect the user to our Knowledge Base.

#5 - Onboarding checklist for contractors

We have implemented an improved onboarding procedure that incorporates new compliance requirements for all Contractors. By conducting a compliance check, we aim to protect the interests of everyone involved and uphold our commitment to high standards. This process will guarantee that all contractors fulfill any essential legal and regulatory obligations.

After the Contractor completes their account activation, the next task is to complete the Onboarding checklist. The primary objective of the checklist is to ensure the Contractor is fully compliant.

This involves:

  1. Completing the W-8BEN form
  2. Verifying identity: Contractors are required to provide government-issued photo identification as part of the verification process. Additionally, Contractors need to undergo “face liveness verification”, which helps us to confirm that they are a real person.
  3. Verifying address: Contractors are also asked to submit documents that prove their current place of residence.
  4. Establishing a withdrawal method

Please find additional guides for contractors on the onboarding checklist here: Help Center | Guides for Contractors

You can also visit this page to learn how to track the onboarding status of your contractors: How to find information on which step of the Onboarding checklist my Contractors are in?

#6 - RemoHealth Updates

RemoHealth Dependents. We have made updates so our clients can add dependents for their employees (up to 10 family members)

When completing the application form, employees will be required to add their dependents and provide relevant data about each member. You can review the updated guides here and here.