Remofirst vs. Remote: A Comparison

Remofirst vs. Remote: A Comparison

March 30, 2023

Remote work has (literally) opened up a world of opportunities for both employers and employees. Employers that offer remote work options can hire the best talent as remote workers from anywhere in the world, while employees are no longer limited to job opportunities in their local area.

But hiring a global remote team comes with legal implications. How can business owners ensure compliance with laws and regulations across countries and continents while offering employees a global compensation and benefits package?

One solution that’s becoming increasingly popular is to partner with an employer of record (EOR) organization. EORs are companies that have legal entities all over the world and take care of hiring, compensation, global payroll, and benefits management for local employees.

However, for many businesses, costs have always been a limiting factor when it comes to hiring global talent — a problem that Remofirst is on a mission to solve. 

Remofirst is disrupting the EOR sector with services that are more agile, cost-efficient, and comprehensive than big-name competitors like Remote — making it the Robin Hood of EORs. 

Take a look at this infographic to see how Remofirst stacks up against Remote.

Get more for your money when you hire with Remofirst.

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