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Navigating Global Talent: The 7 Top Countries to Hire Sales Representatives

July 10, 2023

If you're looking to scale your business, hiring workers in other countries can allow you to grow your team without the limitations of hiring within your home country. When expanding your business across new countries or time zones, hiring the right sales reps are crucial to transforming and scaling your business. This article will help you understand the top countries in the world for hiring sales representatives for startups. Important note: the average salaries listed in this article were sourced from and Payscale in July of 2023.

Things to Be Aware of When Hiring Sales Reps

The following factors have been considered when determining the top countries for startups to hire sales reps. When hiring, you should consider these factors and determine what you want to prioritize when choosing sales reps from different countries. Research from 2014 has highlighted how reps in different countries have better success with sales than others, and these results depend on a wide range of factors that you'll need to understand.

Availability of Workers

Some global economies will offer greater numbers of potential sales representatives. For example, India has recently become the most populous country in the world. Therefore, they have a huge workforce of talented individuals. Other countries may not have the same amount of readily available workers.

Accent Bias

Unfortunately, one thing that you have to consider when hiring representatives from other countries is that there is such a thing as linguistic racism, meaning that people will judge others based on their accents. An accent bias means that people tend to judge others based on their accents. This bias is unconscious, meaning that people have this bias without thinking consciously about the judgments they are making. Of course, we believe people should not be judged by their accents, but this human tendency is something to consider.


How much budget you spend on sales reps influences your bottom line in big ways. Usually, sales reps in Western countries tend to request higher salaries. Reps in the United States or United Kingdom, for example, can be more expensive than sales reps in other countries due to the high cost of living for workers in the US and UK.

Time Zone

Considering what hours are best for your business, you have to know what time zone(s) you need to hire more reps in. Workers in some countries are more adaptable to different time zones than others. It’s important not to exclude workers in countries that are in a different time zone, but be aware of how the time zone matters. Moreover, having employees in different time zones also helps you expand your business globally - for example, if your business is based in the US but you want to sell to clients in the APAC time zones, you will want to ensure you have reps that can cover those time zones.

Language Barrier

Not all countries will be equally proficient in English. A language barrier can make it harder to effectively reach your target audience. Understanding language barriers enables you to make better decisions, however, it’s important to recognize that employees with skills in other languages can help you grow business in other countries too.

Top Countries for Hiring Sales Talent

1. United States

The United States has long been recognized as a global powerhouse in various industries, and it also stands as a top country for companies looking to hire highly skilled and talented sales representatives. The country's infrastructure, technological advancements, and supportive business environment contribute to a thriving sales ecosystem. The average annual cost for hiring a sales representative in the United States is around $100,000 to $240,000 USD.

2. South Africa

South Africa’s combination of cultural diversity, exceptional communication skills, quality education, resilience, and cost-effectiveness make the country an ideal area for sales professionals. The average annual cost for hiring a sales representative in South Africa, including employer taxes and benefits, is around $2,600 to $21,400 USD.

3. United Kingdom

The United Kingdom emerges as a prominent presence on the global stage. Its legacy of business prowess, refined communication skills, commitment to professionalism, global networks, and cultural adaptability make it an unrivaled destination for companies aiming to fortify their sales force. The average annual cost for hiring a sales representative in the United Kingdom is around $61,000 to $182,000 USD.

4. Brazil

Brazil's position as a top country for hiring sales representatives is due its dynamic talent pool, cultural intelligence, and exceptional interpersonal skills. Brazilian sales representatives possess the natural charm, determination, and market understanding necessary to drive revenue growth and build strong customer relationships. The average annual cost for hiring a sales representative in Brazil is around $10,000 to $92,000 USD.

5. India

India's ascent as a top destination for companies to hire sales representatives is a testament to the country's remarkable talent, cultural adaptability, and technological expertise. Indian professionals possess the drive, communication skills, and business acumen necessary to thrive in the sales industry. The average annual cost for hiring a sales representative in the India is around $6,000 to $32,000 USD.

6. Mexico

Mexico's strategic location, multicultural workforce, cost advantages, business-friendly environment, and burgeoning domestic market position it as a top destination for companies seeking exceptional sales representatives. The average annual cost for hiring a sales representative in Mexico is around $30,000 to $42,500 USD.

7. Philippines

The Philippines is rapidly growing as an outsourcing hub with a deep understanding of both Western and East Asian cultures. The country showcases a perfect blend of innate salesmanship, exceptional communication skills, cultural adaptability, and cost-effectiveness. The average annual cost for hiring a sales representative in the Philippines is around $2,200 to $18,400 USD.

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