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We'll handle:
  • Employer of Record (EOR) Services
  • International Contractor Payments
  • Global Payroll and Invoice Management
  • Global Benefits Management (Insurance, Equity, Time Off, etc)
  • Equipment Provisioning
  • Global Employee Support (Questions, Visas, and more)

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The customer support at Remofirst has been amazing — I love that our team has a dedicated account manager to help us with any things that come up for our remote team members, such as issuing work permits. I was looking for a simplified EOR service where I didn’t have to be so involved and could just pass our remote candidates along to be onboarded. Remofirst has made this experience very easy and personalized for us, and I am happy to be working with them to employ our team members in other countries.
Janice Kay Mamo - Human Resources Manager @ Weavr
Remofirst has helped us expand our team globally while managing the complicated tasks like termination processes in different countries. Their customer support is available at any time of day and always remind us when our contracts need to be updated. I can’t imagine what my life would be like without Remofirst.
Anna Tylechkina - Talent Acquisition Specialist @ Makini
When we were first looking into partnerships to support our remote team, the complexity and options were overwhelming. Remofirst was patient and explained how things work, often answering questions that I know were outside of what they technically do. This made me feel informed as a business owner and showed how the team goes above and beyond. Our team members who we've hired using our Remofirst partnership had glowing things to say about the experience.
Rachel Woods - CEO @ Vinebase
Remofirst’s pricing stood out to me among competitors, along with their 24-hour support, which is important when you’re hiring people around the world. Their platform has been easy to use and our onboardings have been smooth. I would definitely recommend using Remofirst as your EOR for any global hires.
Kaniyet Rayev - Co-founder and CEO @ Appboxo

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Remote candidate

You've sourced a full-time employee or contractor located in a country where your company is not incorporated.

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Cost Calculation

Pass us the details of your candidate and we will let you know exactly what it costs to employ your candidate in that country.

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Onboarding & Admin

Sit back and relax as we onboard your new team member and take care of all the local compliances and admin work.

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