Accelerate Your Startup’s Global Expansion

We make it easy for startups to grow their teams internationally. Worry about your metrics, not international employment regulations. Eligible startups enjoy special rates on our Employer of Record (EOR) and international contractor management services.

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Accelerate Your Startup’s Global Expansion
Streamlined International Growth

Streamlined International Growth


Embrace Worldwide Talent

At Remofirst, we believe that talent has no borders. Expand your startup's horizons by hiring from a talent pool spread across over 170 countries, without the hassle of navigating diverse legal landscapes.


Startup-friendly Onboarding

Our onboarding process is tailored for the dynamic pace of startups. We take care of compliance with local labor and payroll laws in each of your target countries, giving you the freedom to concentrate on your core business objectives.

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Tailored Global Payroll for Startups

Bulk Payments

Simplified Bulk Payroll

Execute payroll for your global team with a single click, sending out payments in multiple local currencies, saving time and eliminating errors (for startups looking to move fast).

Automated Invoicing

Automated Invoicing

Cut down administrative workloads with our automated invoicing system that encompasses both contractors and permanent staff, designed for agile startups.

Expense Management

Comprehensive Expense

From approving expenses to handling bonuses and allowances, manage everything through your Remofirst dashboard.

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Global Payroll Management

Unified HR Platform Designed for Startup Needs

Remofirst is a leader in Small-Business Employer of Record (EOR) on G2
Remofirst is a leader in Small-Business Multi-Country Payroll on G2
Remofirst is a leader in Small-Business HR Compliance on G2
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Centralized Management

Centralized Global Team Oversight

Manage your diverse international team, from contractors to full-time remote employees, with our integrated dashboard designed with startups in mind.

Transparent Payroll

Transparent and Trackable Payroll

Monitor and manage your global payroll with full visibility into expenditures in various currencies, all from one place — essential for startups to maintain budget control.

Country-specific Overview

Country-Specific Overview

Get a clear view of your global workforce distribution and local regulatory requirements through a single, user-friendly interface.

Compliance & Risk Mitigation

Compliance & Risk Mitigation

Reliable Compliance

Dynamic Compliance Assurance

In the ever-evolving world of global employment laws, we have your back. Our team of experts ensures that you stay updated and compliant with local employment regulations.

Employee Taxes

Tax and Benefits Simplified

Leave the complex web of taxes and benefits to us. Remofirst's services let you stay focused on your startup's growth trajectory without the compliance headaches.

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How Remofirst Elevates the EOR Experience

Personalized Support

Tailored Customer Success

Each startup client receives a dedicated account manager for personalized guidance. Our customer support is custom-fit to ensure that both your hiring teams and global employees get responsive assistance.

Holistic Benefits Management

Customized Benefits Management

Crafting competitive benefits packages for your international team is easy with Remofirst. We're here to manage it, from health insurance offerings to work equipment provisions.

Affordability & Transparency

Designed for Startup Budgets

With clear, competitive pricing and a no-hidden-fees policy, startups can confidently partner with Remofirst to scale globally, knowing they’re getting value and transparency every step of the way.

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How Remofirst Elevates the EOR Experience

Trusted by leaders

Remofirst is managing employees and contractors for Fortune 500 companies and best startups around the world. Become one of them today.

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