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Remotebase specializes in helping companies build remote engineering teams around the globe.
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What sets Remotebase apart is our unparalleled approach to hiring remote developers. Unlike traditional recruitment, we pre-screen and hire the top 1% of remote software engineering talent, ensuring a 90% faster hiring process. This pre-evaluation means that we offer only the most skilled developers, significantly reducing the time your company spends in the hiring phase.

Our expertise is not just in sourcing talent, but in connecting your company with developers who possess role-specific expertise. Our rigorous selection process ensures that the developers we provide have not only the technical skills required but also the relevant experience to immediately contribute to your specific project needs.

Moreover, the quality of our talent pool is unmatched. We focus on comprehensive skills, selecting developers who are exceptional coders and problem solvers, with the added advantage of having excellent soft skills. This combination ensures they can seamlessly integrate into your team as full-time remote developers.

To eliminate any risk on your part, we offer a 2-week no-risk trial. You have the opportunity to work with our developers for two weeks without any upfront charges. This trial period allows you to evaluate their fit and performance within your team, ensuring you pay only when you are completely satisfied.