Employer of Record (EOR)

Payroll System Requirements for a Startup: 6 Things You Need From Your EOR

May 8, 2023

Payroll management is a critical aspect of running a business, but for many startups, it can be a tedious and time-consuming task. The problem is exacerbated when it comes to international payroll, where paying employees residing outside your company's home country adds another layer of complexity.

You could handle the problem with an in-house payroll team. However, as your organization scales and expands beyond national borders, your team may find it difficult to juggle payroll requirements in various jurisdictions. Plus, the time and effort spent on payroll could be better allocated to strategic initiatives that drive your business forward.

This is where an employer of record (EOR) can help. Outsourcing payroll to an EOR can be a game-changer for your operational efficiencies and resource management, optimizing your payroll processes and unlocking global opportunities to pay your team. Having said that, not all EORs are created equal. To reap the benefits, you must partner with the right one. This begins with ensuring that an EOR meets all the payroll system requirements a startup needs. And what are these requirements? Let’s find out.

Multi-Currency Support

If you have employees all over the world, you need a payroll system that meets their specific needs and preferences. For example, some employees prefer to be paid in their local currency. On the other hand, in some countries like Argentina, employers are required by law to pay employees in their local currency. You will need to work with an EOR that can assist you in meeting this requirement. 

Using an EOR with global payroll capabilities allows you to pay your employees in their local currencies. This eliminates the administrative burden of managing foreign exchange rates and reduces the risk of currency fluctuations affecting your employees' earnings. Your EOR can handle the conversion process and ensure that each employee is paid in their native currency.

Take Remofirst for example. This EOR company offers multi-currency support — as an employer, you can pay Remofirst in five popular currencies, then the EOR pays international employees in their respective currencies. 

Remofirst also allows you to combine all of your team’s invoices into a single payment rather than paying each international employee separately. This means you provide one lump sum to cover the total payroll, and Remofirst takes care of distributing the appropriate amounts to each employee. The consolidation streamlines the process, reduces administrative burdens, and saves you time.

Robust Payroll Tracking and Benefits Management

One crucial aspect of payroll management for a global workforce is ensuring the timely and accurate payment of employees’ salaries. An EOR with sophisticated payroll tracking and benefits management capabilities is invaluable in this situation. For instance, the EOR is vital for:

  • Streamlining the payment process and reducing errors: This frees up time for other important business functions. To streamline the payment process even further, you can set up a predetermined schedule for transferring funds to your EOR. You could, for example, send the payment on the 15th of every month. By doing so, you provide the EOR with sufficient time to process the payments and ensure that your team is paid on time.
  • Increasing employee satisfaction: Employees rely on getting their paychecks on time to meet their needs. Excellent payroll tracking ensures that employees receive the appropriate compensation when they should, which can increase employee satisfaction and reduce turnover.
  • Gaining a competitive advantage: In today's competitive job market, offering payments in an efficient manner is crucial for attracting and retaining top talent.

In addition, an EOR must have a robust benefits management system. They must handle all the sourcing and paperwork for things, such as time-off requests, financial benefits (for example, bonuses and stock options), health insurance (for example, medical, dental, and vision), and equipment provisioning, based on each employee's local laws. 

Speaking of local laws, an EOR must handle all things pertaining to compliance. 


Compliance is probably one of the biggest issues in your mind as you set up your global workforce. How will you manage payroll and benefits for each international employee, while staying within their local labor and tax regulations? A comprehensive EOR solution will take all these matters off your hands.

A good EOR will have a deep understanding of regulations in all the places where your employees are located. Among other things, they should be able to handle all the necessary payroll calculations, tax withholdings, and filings. An EOR must also stay updated on any changes in regulations and adjust their processes accordingly. This way, you can ensure compliance with regulations, avoiding penalties, fines, and legal issues.

Efficiency, Flexibility, and Transparency

An EOR should give you visibility into your global payroll operations. This involves providing comprehensive, customizable reporting capabilities that allow you to view and analyze payroll expenses, tax withholdings, social security contributions, and other relevant metrics. Access to detailed and transparent reports will help you monitor costs, comply with financial regulations, and make informed business decisions.

Additionally, an EOR should be able to help you to keep track of your global workforce from the same place. This includes everything from allowing you to see how many employees you have in each country at any time and how each of them is classified to allowing you to track global payroll expenditure in one currency, while still paying out employees in multiple currencies.

Reliable Support

Imagine having an urgent query regarding your employees, payroll, or compliance, but you just can’t get ahold of your EOR. Your chosen EOR needs to be available regularly to support you and your employees throughout the world, across various timezones. Email and real-time chat are two popular methods of customer service, and although 24/7 customer support is not common among EORs, platforms such as Remofirst do provide it for a better customer experience.

Moreover, having a single, dependable point of contact to get in touch with for any queries is ideal. Dealing with multiple professionals for various aspects of your global payroll and workforce management needs can be a cumbersome process. By having a dedicated account manager, you eliminate the complexities of coordinating with several people, saving you time and effort.

A Good Reputation

It’s crucial to thoroughly evaluate an EOR's capabilities and track record in meeting these payroll system requirements before choosing them as your payroll partner for international operations. 

A reputable EOR has a track record of delivering quality services and meeting client expectations. When you choose an EOR with a solid reputation, you can trust that they will handle your global workforce’s payroll with accuracy and professionalism. A reliable EOR ensures that your employees are paid on time and that all legal and regulatory obligations are met, giving you peace of mind.

Choosing an EOR That Meets Your Startup’s Payroll System Requirements

Imagine no longer having to deal with time-consuming payroll tasks. Instead, you can concentrate on what is truly important: driving innovation, growing your business, and developing your talented team. With the right EOR by your side, you can do all this and more. For example, you’ll be able to take care of other HR administrative tasks and the complexities of managing a global workforce without skimping on compliance. 

The key is to find a reputable EOR that has extensive experience working with startups. Curious about EORs that specifically meet this criterion? We’ve got you covered!

This guide dives into the industry's leading players, their unique offerings, and how they can best support your startup's growth. Whether you're seeking scalability, global expertise, or innovative technology solutions, you’ll get all the insights you need to make an informed decision.