Employer of Record (EOR)

Global EOR: The Benefits of Using Remofirst as Your EOR Platform

April 18, 2023

EOR (employer of record) platforms enable companies to enter new markets and hire and manage global talent without having to set up a legal entity or risk violating local laws.

Global expansion has never been more accessible thanks to the growing number of EOR service providers available. But with so many options to choose from, it’s essential to do your research to find the EOR that best serves your needs. 

Today, we’re going to walk you through the main benefits of partnering with Remofirst as your EOR solution to help you decide if it’s right for you.

Hiring and Onboarding Global Talent

Remofirst makes hiring and onboarding international employees a breeze. With us, you can:

  • Hire talent in over 150 countries with a few clicks.
  • Hire and manage full-time remote employees, international contractors, or both.
  • Benefit from our same-day onboarding — new employees are onboarded to our platform in as little as 24 hours.

Handling Liability and Compliance

Hiring employees from abroad can be a legal minefield, as worker misclassification is a serious offense that can lead to fines and even jail time in most countries. 

That’s obviously something you’ll want to avoid — here’s how Remofirst can help:

  • We minimize the risk of worker misclassification and help you avoid expensive compliance mistakes by setting everything up according to each employee’s local labor laws. This helps you avoid fines, lawsuits, and the reputational harm that can result from noncompliance.
  • Our dedicated team of HR professionals and legal experts stays on top of local developments in each country where Remofirst and our network of partners operate, enabling you to stay compliant with changing employment laws in each country where you have team members.

Managing Payroll and Benefits 

Handling payroll requires calculating time off, holidays, benefits, bonuses, and commissions — all while respecting local laws and regulations. 

Fortunately, Remofirst makes all of this easy. When you partner with us, you can:

  • Pay employees and independent contractors in their local currency. Our dashboard makes it easy to keep track of your global payroll spend in one currency while paying employees and contractors in multiple currencies. 
  • Offer global employee benefits, such as health insurance (medical, dental, and vision), stock options, and equipment provisioning to employees. Remofirst handles all the paperwork, sourcing, and global shipping logistics for equipment.
  • Automatically calculate global employees’ payroll based on their hours, time off, holidays, bonuses, benefits, and commissions.
  • Aggregate your entire global team’s payroll into one payment instead of making payments in multiple currencies.

Reliable Customer Support

When managing a global team, you need to know that your EOR provider offers robust customer support. With Remofirst:

  • You get a dedicated account manager in your time zone so you can receive support during your business hours.
  • You can get help with any international employment questions you may have, including visas and benefits. Plus, our embedded chat function allows you to get answers from our team of experts while including all relevant parties in the conversation.


Setting up a local entity, managing compliance issues, and hiring lawyers and accountants in each country where you’re hiring talent is costly. 

Remofirst lowers the cost barriers and makes global hiring accessible for businesses of all sizes. With pricing starting at $199 per employee per month and $19 per person per month for contractors, Remofirst is more budget-friendly than most EOR providers.

Discover How Remofirst Can Help You Grow Your Business

Remofirst acts as a legal employer for your international employees and independent contractors, relieving you of administrative and legal tasks and simplifying global workforce management with our handy dashboard.

Whether you’re outsourcing your services or hiring remote employees in a new country, Remofirst can help. Schedule a demo to find out more about what we offer as an EOR partner in 150+ countries.